Le Incognita

LeIncognita & Drums

The group LeIncognita was put together in the summer of 2014; initially formed by three musicians determined to experiment with old and new repertoires.

In 2015, the trio became a quartet and the programme was enriched, but the temptation to take on a real challenge, and create a show in which a classical quartet would try its hand at a completely pop-rock repertoire, became increasingly strong.

Today’s line-up consists of graduate musicians and highly experienced artists:

Diana Tizzani and Alessandra Sacchi on violin, Cinzia Volpini and Sophia Quarello on viola, Daniele Porcu on cajon and drums.

The group also occassionally includes Marcello Crocco on electric bass.

The desire is to offer a quality product that excites and entertains the audience, and transmits a lot of energy. The careful organisation, technical preparation, and attention to the arrangements, certainly contribute to achieving this result.

Particular importance is also given to the sound, which is why the group performs not only as a quartet, but also with drums (outdoors or in very large venues) or with a cajon – a very versatile instrument that allows the group to perform acoustically, even in small venues.

So, what will the end result be? We foresee an energetic fun performance for the audience, a genuine pleasure for the players … and a new way to listen to Rock music!!!