Eleonora Strino

Eleonora Strino

The concerts of Eleonora Strino, Veronica Perego and Alessandro Minetto have the charm and suspense of the best Hitchcock film: you never know what you are going to hear and each time it is certainly a surprise.

Although they have their own well-defined style, they take the most disparate melodies and make them their own.

So, we hear a well-known jazz standard, then a song from a remote Sanremo festival, then a Monteverdi melody, a Yiddish song and a jazz standard again.

All chosen for their melodic and harmonic beauty and content.

In this merry-go-round of styles, centuries, and continents, we ask ourselves: what is the common thread?

The answer comes after listening to the first tracks: the unmistakable style of  musicians – passionate experts of 1940s jazz – who, while not betraying the original track and keeping it recognisable, envelop it in their own style and make it unique.